FUD and FOMO – The Dark side

We all know that feeling, maybe you were out when the news arrived, or you were in the bathroom, or making dinner or asleep.


HODLing – The Art of the Moon Mission

You knew it from the start – this trade was going to be a winner. You’ve read every Tweet, every Telegram post, every inch of the website. You’ve scoured Linkedin and know everything about the dev team, and it’s finally paying off.

FunFair, a Literal Game Changer

The word “Disruptive” is so overused these days, especially in the crypto space, that I feel like it has lost all meaning and it’s almost never applicable to projects that purport to revolutionize the industry they operate in. Fortunately there are a few exceptions to this and I believe FunFair is one such instance.

iExec Technical Report – RLC

One thing that blockchain has really driven home in the technology sector is that there is strength in numbers. Currently, the commercial Cloud computing companies available for personal and professional use is dominated by tech giants, like Amazon, Microsoft Azure, and Google.

Urbit – Rebuilding the Tech Stack

What if we defined an operating system on a single piece of paper? What if we threw away every line of code since the 1970’s? What if we designed a general-purpose cloud computer that’s so simple, everyone could have their own personal server.