Eximchain – Increasing Supply Chain Liquidity Through An Ethereum Based Blockchain Solution

Every day we consume things, and every day things are supplied for us to build, buy, sell and consume.

Where those things come from, how rapidly and efficiently they are supplied is critical. If the logistics supply chain of exports and imports breaks down, products are not completed on time, supermarket shelves are empty until the next delivery, oil doesn’t arrive at refineries and then go on to power stations to be used for power generation…you get the picture.


Lottery ICO Review – LDCC Token Analysis

Lottery is a next generation token raffle and gambling app built on blockchain, providing never before seen transparency, efficiency, and a unique value proposition to existing blockchain infrastructures.

Carry Protocol Review – CRE Investment Analysis

We only spend a comparatively small proportion of our time interacting with the ‘offline’ world. Yet most of the planet lives in the offline world, most of the planet socializes, works, plays and shops in that offline world. We bank in the online world, yet the majority of the world is unbanked, as Andreas Antonopoulos has pointed out so many times, and if they do their shopping they do it in the offline world.

Basic Risk Management – A Quick Primer

Most of the newcomers to the cryptocurrency space have a “get rich quick” mentality which contradicts basic trading strategies. It’s understandable given the “homeruns” of 50x or more that happen constantly, but it’s not for everyone and can be a recipe for disaster in the long run.