Eximchain – Increasing Supply Chain Liquidity Through An Ethereum Based Blockchain Solution

Every day we consume things, and every day things are supplied for us to build, buy, sell and consume.

Where those things come from, how rapidly and efficiently they are supplied is critical. If the logistics supply chain of exports and imports breaks down, products are not completed on time, supermarket shelves are empty until the next delivery, oil doesn’t arrive at refineries and then go on to power stations to be used for power generation…you get the picture.


Trading Bill Williams Chaos Theory

Bill Williams once stated, winners not only correctly interpret fundamental and technical information but also understand underlying structure of the market.

The Ultimate Guide to Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands are a powerful technical analysis indicator created by John Bollinger in the 1980s. Bands and channels provide relative definition of high and low which can be used to identify trends and measure volatility.

FunFair, a Literal Game Changer

The word “Disruptive” is so overused these days, especially in the crypto space, that I feel like it has lost all meaning and it’s almost never applicable to projects that purport to revolutionize the industry they operate in. Fortunately there are a few exceptions to this and I believe FunFair is one such instance.