Signals ICO Review – SGN Investment Analysis

Signals Network is the latest project in data-driven trading tools built for both new and experienced traders. Signals combines many of the features of both blockchain and traditional technologies in order to create a fairly unique offering, that traders will be able to leverage to increase returns or otherwise handle trading.


Effect ICO Review – EFX Investment Analysis

Effect is a NEO based decentralized AI platform, built to service the needs of individuals looking to tap into the power of artificial intelligence while also making a name for themselves as a competitor for Amazon’s mechanical turk.

GBX ICO Review – RKT Investment Analysis

Blockchain technology dramatically boosts efficiencies whilst reducing costs and there is no doubt this technology will shape the future of the finance industry. However, lack of regulation and liquidity hinders global adoption and progress of this otherwise limitless technology.

Adhive ICO Review – ADH Investment Analysis

AdHive will be the first AI-controlled Influencer Marketing platform with Blockchain technological solutions.
The AdHive platform fully automates all steps of interaction with influencers in order to save a huge amount of time
and effort for advertisers.