ICO Cheat Sheet

For those investors who simply don’t have as much time on their hand, or those who are looking for specific picks and calls, I provide a monthly sheet of the top ICO’s that I’m personally investing in, as well as actionable data such as targets, insights, and position sizes that you won’t find on the site here:

Also included as a free service is a group where you can join and chat with me personally, as well as members of our growing community and get lots of extras there.

I’ll also post charts there that you won’t find on my Twitter or site. Playing the Bitcoin and crypto markets can be difficult, and so I normally aggregate lots of other information from top experts and opinions as part of my strategy.

Joining the group will mean you’ll get access to all of that information as I find it. There are also some rare ICO’s and other opportunities such as pools and notices on sales that you won’t be able to find on the site or Twitter.

I’ll also be offering things like admission into pools for ICO’s, entries into more rare sales, a free downloadable Chrome extension that tracks prices, and more!