Crypto Coaching

Are you looking for a more direct way to increase your crypto earnings and knowledge? I’m now providing one on one crypto coaching and consulting for your benefit! These will be simple, one hour conversations that we will have which you are free to spend as you see fit. Some of the ways you can use a one hour crypto coaching lesson includes:

  • Getting up to date information on the Globalhalo Investment Group’s ICO picks
  • Learning about upcoming secret ICO news and discussions
  • Trading advice and consultation
  • Portfolio planning
  • Risk management
  • Security and hardware wallet help
  • Education about any crypto related concept
  • and more!

When you purchase a one hour crypto coaching lesson, you’ll be in charge of how we spend the time. You can use it for casual discussion, Q & A, or anything in between.

Getting started with a crypto coaching lesson is easy! Simply use the button below to pay with PayPal and use the e-mail that you would like me to contact you on. I’ll typically reply within 24 hours, and we can arrange an appointment for crypto coaching.


If you would prefer to pay with cryptocurrency (currently accepting ETH and BTC) instead, simply fill out this form below and I’ll get in touch with a payment address:

I look forward to coaching you!