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Reviews of upcoming popular ICO's, or Initial Coin Offerings

Insights Network ICO Review – Computation on Encrypted Inputs

Pioneering blockchain-based market research, The Insights Network’s unique combination of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and secure multiparty computation enables the individual to securely own, manage, and monetize their data.

PolySwarm ICO ICO Review – NCT Investment Analysis

PolySwarm is a next generation blockchain enabled antivirus and threat detection system, built on Ethereum and incentivized with their nectar "NCT" tokens.

Lympo ICO Review – LYM Investment Analysis

Powered by user-generated and user-controlled fitness and wellness data, Lympo will allow the exchange of value through the introduction of LYM utility tokens.

Taylor ICO Review – TAY Investment Analysis

Taylor is an easy-to-use trading assistant service and mobile app that helps people make quick trades and earn small profits many times a day.

GBX ICO Review – RKT Investment Analysis

Blockchain technology dramatically boosts efficiencies whilst reducing costs and there is no doubt this technology will shape the future of the finance industry. However, lack of regulation and liquidity hinders global adoption and progress of this otherwise limitless technology.

Adhive ICO Review – ADH Investment Analysis

AdHive will be the first AI-controlled Influencer Marketing platform with Blockchain technological solutions. The AdHive platform fully automates all steps of interaction with influencers in order to save a huge amount of time and effort for advertisers.

REMME ICO Review – REM Investment Analysis

REMME is a state of the art method for cryptographically granting access to devices and systems that are looking to securely sign in to a service.

DataWallet ICO Review – DXT Investment Analysis

Datawallet provides users with a self-sovereign wallet that puts them in charge of their data, and allows them to monetize as well as utilize an asset that is rightfully theirs.

SKARA ICO Review – SKRT Investment Analysis

An ICO review for the upcoming open beta release for Skara.

Bee Token ICO Review – Bee Investment Analysis

Beenest is the first decentralized home-sharing network built on top of a set of Bee Protocols that connects hosts with guests without taking any commissions.