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Reviews of upcoming popular ICO’s, or Initial Coin Offerings

Carry Protocol Review – CRE Investment Analysis

We only spend a comparatively small proportion of our time interacting with the ‘offline’ world. Yet most of the planet lives in the offline world, most of the planet socializes, works, plays and shops in that offline world. We bank in the online world, yet the majority of the world is unbanked, as Andreas Antonopoulos has pointed out so many times, and if they do their shopping they do it in the offline world.

Luckchemy ICO Review – LUK Investment Analysis

Luckchemy is a gambling platform utilizing the Ethereum blockchain and off-chain cryptography to host a full suite of casino/gambling products.

PepperDB ICO Review – Scaling the Blockchain Database Stack

There has been a strange disconnect in one sector of IT that’s transitioning into the blockchain world, and I am not sure anyone has noticed much until now.

Antifragile – How Holochain Is Going To Take Over The World

With Holochain, we will finally be able to run our own full, decentralized nodes, have parties communicate with each other in a truly peer to peer format, and have all sorts of new possibilities begin to spring up. Holochain is our virtual Prometheus, taking fire from the gods themselves and giving it for all of humanity to grow and prosper.

Urbit – Rebuilding the Tech Stack

What if we defined an operating system on a single piece of paper? What if we threw away every line of code since the 1970's? What if we designed a general-purpose cloud computer that's so simple, everyone could have their own personal server.

Signals ICO Review – SGN Investment Analysis

Signals Network is the latest project in data-driven trading tools built for both new and experienced traders. Signals combines many of the features of both blockchain and traditional technologies in order to create a fairly unique offering, that traders will be able to leverage to increase returns or otherwise handle trading.

Effect ICO Review – EFX Investment Analysis

Effect is a NEO based decentralized AI platform, built to service the needs of individuals looking to tap into the power of artificial intelligence while also making a name for themselves as a competitor for Amazon's mechanical turk.

Insights Network ICO Review – Computation on Encrypted Inputs

Pioneering blockchain-based market research, The Insights Network’s unique combination of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and secure multiparty computation enables the individual to securely own, manage, and monetize their data.

PolySwarm ICO ICO Review – NCT Investment Analysis

PolySwarm is a next generation blockchain enabled antivirus and threat detection system, built on Ethereum and incentivized with their nectar "NCT" tokens.

Lympo ICO Review – LYM Investment Analysis

Powered by user-generated and user-controlled fitness and wellness data, Lympo will allow the exchange of value through the introduction of LYM utility tokens.