Eximchain – Increasing Supply Chain Liquidity Through An Ethereum Based Blockchain Solution

Every day we consume things, and every day things are supplied for us to build, buy, sell and consume.

Where those things come from, how rapidly and efficiently they are supplied is critical. If the logistics supply chain of exports and imports breaks down, products are not completed on time, supermarket shelves are empty until the next delivery, oil doesn’t arrive at refineries and then go on to power stations to be used for power generation…you get the picture.


The Ultimate Guide To Wyckoff Trading

Have you ever wondered how institutional investors manage their positions? What they’re doing right now and what they’ll do in the future? Tracking and following the whales is crucial for making profit in the markets – these investors are the main force behind every trend and you will get crushed if you get in their way.

ICO and Crypto Regulation – The 800 Pound Gorillas In The Room

People are getting stressed in the land of the fiat vampire squids and the Establishment; what’s to be done about these ‘dangerous’ new upstarts? Regulators are flip-flopping all over the place – blowing hot and cold everywhere; consistency seems to be sporadic, continuity non-existent…what’s to be done?