The Ultimate Guide to Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands are a powerful technical analysis indicator created by John Bollinger in the 1980s. Bands and channels provide relative definition of high and low which can be used to identify trends and measure volatility.

HODLing – The Art of the Moon Mission

You knew it from the start – this trade was going to be a winner. You’ve read every Tweet, every Telegram post, every inch of the website. You’ve scoured Linkedin and know everything about the dev team, and it’s finally paying off.

The Gamification of The Blockchain: Cryptocurrency Puzzles

Much has changed over the last couple of years when it comes to the adoption and usability of cryptocurrencies.

Finding Your Approach To The Crypto Market

Markets are brutal. It’s a zero-sum game by design - the success of one trader means failure of others. In order to survive and thrive in such conditions your personal approach to the market must not only be superior than others but also complement your personal style.

FunFair, a Literal Game Changer

The word “Disruptive” is so overused these days, especially in the crypto space, that I feel like it has lost all meaning and it's almost never applicable to projects that purport to revolutionize the industry they operate in. Fortunately there are a few exceptions to this and I believe FunFair is one such instance.

Basic Risk Management – A Quick Primer

Most of the newcomers to the cryptocurrency space have a “get rich quick” mentality which contradicts basic trading strategies. It’s understandable given the “homeruns” of 50x or more that happen constantly, but it’s not for everyone and can be a recipe for disaster in the long run.

Plankton Adrift – Building Small Portfolios in the Crypto Market

A bearish engulfing pattern shakes this thought from your head as the first signs of doubt creep in. The downward trend continues. Soon, the volume begins to dry up. You’re bleeding, but alive. What comes next?

Blockchain Revolution – McAfee’s Call To Action

John McAfee recently made waves when he posted a video on his Twitter aimed directly at JP Morgan - it was a candid and powerful message that was design to serve as a wake up call to all of the fat cats and aristocrats in the banking sector.

ETHORSE – Betting On Crypto²

Ethorse appeals to vastly different profiles, personalities, and everyone in between.

Compiling Ravencoin sgminer on EthOS Linux Platform

A lot of people use Ethos, like me, and were a bit upset that x16r wasn't readily available a few weeks back, so I set about compiling it by hand, but that wasn't easy, or straightforward for me, so here I will share my experience.