OriginTrail – Hidden Gem

Supply chains are a part of everything in modern civilisation, from the parts that make up the car that you drive, the food you buy from the supermarket or the shoes that you wear.

Every part of the chain is dependent on the others, so the integrity of data and the ability to verify it is vital, or the entire model is beset with problems that impact everyone in some fashion. Quality and origin must be verified (compliance/provenance), and supply chain elements arrival and logistics must be verified at each stage for manufacturing, processing and delivery to be completed efficiently.

The importance of this aspect of the global economy cannot be overstated, since the global supply chain accounts for 2/3 of the worlds’ GDP, and the biggest problem in this sector is fragmentation of data into siloes at each stage and a lack of interoperability.

Adoption potential and growth

Crypto and blockchain will be driven by two aspects –  popular mass adoption but maybe more importantly by business adoption – specifically B2B adoption.

OriginTrail stands out here as a quality solution, and right now it’s an absolute steal with HUGE growth potential.

Through a quality implementation via blockchain, OriginTrail solves the problem of interoperability, data fragmentation, data integrity and compliance whilst safeguarding the integrity of suppliers’ data.

  1. OriginTrail is ALREADY in use, in the food sector, with many other supply chain sectors to come:
  2. Tracing Poultry/Meat
  3. Tracing Vegetables
  4. They are the founders of Trace Alliance – comprising 50+ companies including Deloitte, TeFood, TMA
  5. Part of the blockchain hub for EVERYTHNG– comprising leading global brands for IoT, smart products etc:

  1. OriginTrail has extensive potential within supply chains and any sector where logistics, data forensics and transparency are crucial https://origintrail.io/use-cases
  2. Advisors with decades of supply chain experience:- John Keogh (ex-GS1 Exec., Trace Alliance chairman & president of Vietnam Food integrity center), Ken Lyon (ex-VP for IT – UPS Logistics).

Businesses like to adopt technologies that provide cost savings and efficiencies and improve their bottom lines. Technologies that can achieve those things are rapidly adopted in light of such powerful commercial drivers.

OriginTrail provides all those things as well as a quality technical solution at all stages with simple to use UI-driven tools.

Most importantly, OriginTrail has a working product that is in use, which is much more than can be said for a lot of other blockchain projects in the B2B sector.

The adoption metrics for the future, short/medium and long term are VERY large, when you look at the partners matrix detailed in the links above, and large-scale B2B adoption via partner channels invariably drives price action over time (e.g. – ripple+banks).

One VERY important factor in the potential of OriginTrail is that they have been invited to collaborate with GS1 in the evolution of blockchain standards for the supply chain sector.

For those who are not familiar, GS1 is the global leader in the evolution of business standards for the last 45 years (fun fact – GS1 issues/sells all bar codes for business globally).

This is a BIG coup for the project and an indicator of the potential that industry leaders see in OriginTrail

Bridging Blockchains: OriginTrail on Interoperability in GS1’s Position Paper


The good thing about the bear market of 2018 is the fact that bad projects get shaken out, and quality projects survive and build for the future, since they use the time to implement their roadmap, develop working products and drive partnerships and adoption.

OriginTrail (an EU-funded project) is a prime example of this and will experience excellent growth going forward, especially since mainnet launch is on schedule for Q1 2019.

Right now the price is lower than it should be and there is a fantastic opportunity to invest for the future.


Exchange availability is on Kucoin, with BTC and ETH pairs available


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