Enter The Raven – RVN Coin Analysis


Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore—
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
“Tis some visitor,” I muttered, “tapping at my chamber door
Only this and nothing more.”

The Raven – Edgar Allen Poe

Raven is Coming

Greetings, Globalhalo readers, fans, and newcomers alike. For the last few weeks I’ve been hearing everyone talking about RVN or Ravencoin – in fact, nearly everybody who knows anybody is talking about Ravencoin at the moment. As of today, Raven trades at just over 3 cents, ($0.032) or approximately 400 satoshis. With a total market cap of approximately 30 Million USD, and plenty of earth-shattering potential, it means that the future could be really bright for early investors in this coin.

Raven boasts a completely transparent and open source community which is hugely successful, and has drawn much interest from people outside of the sphere that’s in the know about this crypto asset. Raven’s main draw is the creation of a blockchain that is particularly suited to the demands of tokenized securities. Users and companies will be able to digitally create tokens that are represented by real world physical assets and equities – while this is not a particularly novel concept, the Raven approach makes an entire blockchain purpose-fit to this particular task. Therein lies the genius in Raven, with this specialization allowing it to do things general purpose architectures simply can’t.

Will RVN moon? It’s a tough call on a project that is so clearly in its nascent stages, but the way Ravencoin has held its own against the market is certainly promising. Let’s do a deep dive on some of the technical aspects of Raven as we go down the tokenized security rabbit hole, shall we?

There are no such thing as mistakes, only happy little dips!

No Premine, No Nonsense, Everything ETH does & MORE??

First, let’s talk about some of the basic points regarding the launch of Raven and some stats. Noticeably with RVN, nobody received any pre-mined currency – that is to say nobody got free coins when this token launched  – rewards were generated purely from actual mining work or capital; there was also no founders reward or ICO for Ravencoin, being driven purely by grassroots activity. With an approximate supply of just under a billion coins, and a maximum total supply of about 21 billion RVN, there is the possibility of a small amount of inflation. Consider, however that this time next year there will be approximately 3-4 billion RVN that could still result in an evaluation in excess of $1.00 per token if the team manages to make good on their roadmap and promises.

Raven takes a departure from where Bitcoin left off in terms of the added bonus of equivalent features to ERC standards for smart contracts in Ethereum. In other words, RVN, much like Ethereum, will allow for intelligent actionable scripts which execute against asset securities based on conditional data in the blockchain or from agents operating within it. Sounds good, right? To the investor, this may mean that the Raven protocol itself may be a major play in terms of blockchain securitized assets, i.e assets which derive a profit by being held by its investors.

The situation as it stands.

Although this may not be so likely in the short to immediate future, RVN is finding some good support on dips along with increasing exposure from the community, and investors that bought in the last few weeks would have had to try hard to lose money on their investments thus far. Whether or not RVN is set to continue it’s very successful rise and claim to fame remains to be seen. If an ASIC-resistant mineable coin wasn’t grossly attractive to individual miners, then perhaps the whitepaper written by BTC giant and early adopter Bruce Fenton, will jog your mind a bit.


An interesting feature of Ravencoin is the ability to be used as a messenger for tokenized securities – as an example, if you tokenized your securities and dealt them out over the Raven network, it will be a simple task to give out crucial updates and information regarding the status of your company as well as any other communications you’d like to give to your equity holders. Raven isn’t just a messenger though – the whitepaper goes into some detail of what RVN can represent. Some examples given are:

  • Gold bars
  • Silver coins
  • Physical Euros
  • Land Deeds
  • DC Comics Presents #26
  • Energy credits (Electricity, Wood, Gas, Oil, Wind)

Although this might not seem like much at first glance, what they are saying in the whitepaper is effectively that the RVN protocol can be used by multiple agents to represent real world & digital assets such as tokens, shares of projects, virtual goods, gifts, airline miles or reward points. RVN could even be used for ‘ingame currencies’ as it says in their whitepaper.

For this writer, this a wild idea, since many of us believe in the success of such focused ICOs. GAME and Refereum are a couple of examples currency pairs for ingame usage, so this is not a new idea. In many massively multiplayer games such as Diablo 3, an equivalent to an in-game currency pair was introduced, and although later abandoned in Blizzards production of Diablo 3, thoughts of crypto kitties are not far from the investors mind. It has also not gone missed that despite of Vitalik’s reassurances that sharding would come to save the day, this has still has not occurred, and another cryptokitties-type incident for Ethereum is looming on the horizon the longer scaling doesn’t occur.

With a coin like RVN which possesses a blocksize that can be easily increased (unlike BTC), an energy efficiency reputed to be a thousand times better than Bitcoin at present, and an intent to prevent mass mining and market manipulation, steps have been taken to create a coin which lends itself well as a general open-community use-case for businesses and blockchain organisations globally.

OriginTrail founder Tomaz Levak recently aptly alluded ‘“To integrate Blockchain into supply chain a collaborative effort is required, no single entity is able to cover the entire space”.

A profound and definitely relevant statement, since the way that RVN is poised seems to indicate a very similar approach which can only be the result of a very similar understanding of the issues involved.
Diablo 3 – perhaps not just another computer game, but a little before its time? Diablo 3 was attempting to create a currency pair between in-game gold coins and the dollar although it failed.

When it comes to the development of products, many of us expect it to be one ICO or another cornering a specific niche market, e.g in distribution –  Devery vs Walton and many others – all companies competing for the same market. Raven, much like OriginTrail, takes a visionary approach in developing a protocol. Why that matters is important and this article will attempt to brief you on what a protocol is for, and how it differs from a niche product or service.

Protocols, quite simply, enable things like the Internet to exist. Take a step back, and take a bow; it’s just that simple. Protocols are for doing general things; serving websites, serving email, serving blockchain. They are all services provided by protocols. In coins like OriginTrail and Raven, we see a general willingness to create a protocol that others can build upon. For the Internet that protocol was TCP/IP.

While the next ‘big thing for blockchain’ may be in some senses a kind of “step back”, it is really a step back to the basics from which the technology originated. That is to say, a quick look at the fundamental and core objectives, a re-evaluation of them, and a refactoring of the code base that projects are built upon. In programming, refactoring consists of inductive observations which result  from several iterations of code, i.e. an otherwise inventive or innovating process.  From time to time big innovations happen such as with ARPA (another protocol), which was eventually finalized in the RFC 1122 standard.


In all of this, it doesn’t really sound like there is much to it, and there isn’t. Protocols are simply the result of specialized iterations being generalized for more widespread use. Raven is taking a stab at that challenge, creating a protocol for more widespread use. This writer thinks it will take something like RVN to revolutionize cryptocurrencies in the same way that the Internet revolutionized early computing and collaboration systems.

Holy gains, Batman!

GameCredits was just one of the few niche ICOs that set up a token for use inside computer games. Early investors really got a good deal at $0.0003 with it trading at approx 1.60 USD as of writing.

Is RVN coin a protocol that allows what GameCredits does, what Sentinel and OriginTrail do – and more? Are some of these technologies going to complement each other? Certainly yes. But aren’t some of the blockchain technologies set to completely revolutionize the core of cryptocurrency itself? I believe so, yes.

Vital Statistics

Ravencoin (RVN) is a Proof of Work coin built on the Bitcoin UTXO model. As with other Bitcoin derivatives, RVN are distributed to individuals augmenting the Raven network by mining RVN. Messaging, Voting and RPC commands for voting assets seems to be the greatest differences from Bitcoin, as well as:

  • x1000 coin distribution (21 Billion Total)
  • 10x faster blocks (1 per minute)
  • In app CPU mining
  • ~1.4 Day difficulty adjustment (2016 blocks)
  • Addresses start with R… for regular addresses, or r… for multisig
  • Network Port: 8767
  • RPC Port: 8766
In the fictional world of Westeros, ravens are used as the messengers who carry statements of truth. Ravencoin is a use case specific blockchain designed to carry statements of truth about who owns what asset. Game of Thrones was the legitimate inspiration to the developers of Raven Coin.

The thing is…Ravencoin really is a very intriguing coin.

Let’s start with a few key facts about the coin itself, and for those that need to they could take a look here for some more information about the roadmap from the Ravencoin.org developers.

Aligns to Future Market Growth and Securities

The way the RVN is designed, is at least in part, to continue where BTC left off. Everybody knows that Bitcoin presently acts as a store of value, regardless of the fact that there is no real commodity backing it. In other words, so long as BTC is being bought in dollars (or other precious or valuable currencies), theoretically BTC will always have a store of value. though when it comes down to more sophisticated blockchain functions, Bitcoin is actually a very basic implementation, compared with the careful objectives of Ravencoin.

ASIC Resistance

The x16r algorithm utilized by Raven consists of a constantly changing algorithm, both to make it highly ASIC resistant and secondly, in the case that ASIC’s are attempted, to play havoc with the way in which power is regulated in mining devices. This is an intelligent (without a hard fork required no less!) and functional framework which natively eliminates attempts to develop and create ASIC based miners for Ravencoin. This prevention of centralization works by disallowing a large number of mining operations to utilize ASIC. It quickly becomes nearly impossible to influence the network substantially as a centralized organisation – though there may still be GPU farms, the concerns that Bitmain created initially with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are more than mitigated.

Support of Overstock.com and Bitcoin Legend Bruce Fenton

The coin is actually supported by some pretty cool people, for one, the CEO of Overstock and Bruce Fenton.

Whilst one does not immediately always warm to a geek in a superman costume.. this particular supergeek warms to the hearts of many and has links to the early BTC development scene. He’s one of a few proponents who have been supporting blockchain, cryptography and the fintech industry from the very beginning.

The support of an entire community and even Jon Snow himself

Ravencoin’s success thus far has not been a purely framework-based or programmatic one – in fact, the project is still very early on it’s stages. AMD miners were only just recently released last month, which means that the difficulty of this particular coin is still quite low comparative to the field. With just an AMD RX 4xx or AMD RX 5xx series cards you can at present expect to mine as much as 20 Ravens per day per card. My 15 GPU setup is getting me 400 RVN per day as of writing. A pretty decent sum of coins, for a market expecting between $1 and $10 in the long far away future.

“I won’t be knitting by the fire while I have men mine RVN for me.”

These kind of projections, of course, are genuinely a very long way off, as are Ravencoin’s very substantial plans of becoming the primary operator of message-based securities. Those features would allow RVN to become transparent and digital financial transactions for securities to be executed against a blockchain messenger, hence, the origins of the Raven; the messenger of old. This raven messenger, attempts to bring something new, and shall hopefully continue where Bitcoin left off.

Rvnstats.info is run by the community, for the community. Supply slowly grows, no premine & still pretty respectably low difficulty! Time to mine some Raven perhaps?

Here is one of my RVN miners using the AMD RX 570 and AMD RX 580 chipsets. I find that anything between 7 and 8.2 MH/s is very good for the AMD cards. Whilst my friend reports that he is getting as much as 10-20MH/s for the 1070 and 1080 Ti Nvidia graphics cards.


All that said, I would definitely recommend someone looking for a few sleeping giant picks in their portfolio ought to give this a consideration. Bitcoin may only get the market so far. My belief is that it will be the cryptos which support advanced fin-tech mechanisms, enabling and allowing existing financial and equity-based organisations to perform the same kind of transactions digitally, faster, and with less middle men which will take the market further. Ravencoin being the ultimate messenger really fulfills the kind of thing you would expect to exist, or to be created by some enterprising individuals in the case of a situation where Bitcoin is not able to do it natively. That is to say, Bitcoin cannot (and may never) be able to perform the functions that Ravencoin does.

We should always end things the way we start them:

And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting
On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door;
And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming,
And the lamp-light o’er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor;
And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor
Shall be lifted—nevermore!
The Raven, Edgar Allen Poe

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  1. Great read- I pan to share my takeways with several folks, and may post the link to twitter. Much appreciated.


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