Social Darwinism – Why Mithril is the next evolution of social networking

Remember your first virtual “friend,” Tom? You met him the day you created your first profile on Myspace. He greeted you with a goofy smile and a thumbs up. Tom was very excited to welcome you to Myspace and be your friend. And he was all too happy to show you how to invite and connect with your other friends. Then to upload photos of yourself, your family, your kids, and definitely your cat. And while you were at it, why not tell all those friends exactly how you’re feeling? Who knew a little digital venting could feel so good?

The guy that started it all.

Good ol’ Tom helped open the pandora’s box of the latent human desire to share and be social on the internet. A fellow by the name of Mark took over from there. And though he didn’t purport to be your “friend,” he managed to develop such an addicting share → reward dopamine feedback loop into his product that you happily fed him a steady diet of not only just your photos and feelings, but your actual digital identity and physical location. The experience itself is so addicting that it has literally changed our physical behavior to “digitize” our lives.

Many people, philosopher and layman alike, posit time to be our most precious commodity. Now, consider how eagerly we forfeit large portions of it so that our “friends” can see exactly what we’re eating for dinner in real time. Of course, that’s only after we’ve snapped several shots to get the lighting just right along with the perfect filter. And we can’t forget about including all the proper hashtags, because those who aren’t your friends should also partake in the wonder that is the pancake you made for breakfast. The syrup smiley face really was a nice touch. And that lump of butter for the nose? You probably should’ve gone to culinary school!

Mmmm, delicious Instagram food porn.

Yep, it’s a lot of work operating a proper digital life these days! All without any of the credit or much to show for the effort. We’ve been too busy enjoying the dopamine spikes to realize that all this posting, sharing, and liking is big business. Unwittingly, we’ve created the largest media empire the world has ever known. We are the worker bees, faithfully gathering nectar for the queen. And she isn’t sharing the honey.  

There is now some pushback to social media’s invasive role in our lives, with Facebook in particular hot water lately for discoveries of (mis)use of data. But make no mistake, this data dilemma exists ubiquitously across dot com’s. They exist — and thrive — solely because they own your data and can exploit it. Move over Bitcoin, your data is the real digital gold. However, even knowing this hasn’t deterred most of us from supplying them with fresh content for them to sell six ways from Sunday. So what are we to make of this? For many, it appears the human desire to share their lives digitally outweighs the concerns.  


Ok. Humans are stubborn creatures. So if we choose to ignore privacy violations and refuse to stop sharing, how can we post pictures of our cake and eat it too? That is, how can we profit from it like everyone else has? Forget Tom and Mark…Jeffrey Huang is the best friend you never knew you had!

This guy!

Who? Jeff is a world famous music artist and Chairman of M17 Entertainment. M17 is the fastest growing interactive video entertainment company in Asia, boasting over 15 million users and rising. He has created a way to shift the power back to the people whose content is the real source of value in this digital jungle. He calls it Mithril.

Mithril isn’t just another platform and empty promise from some Tom, Dick, or Harry (or Mark). The genius is in the design. It’s portable! The MITH token can be integrated with any existing social media platform or network, allowing content creators to be rewarded with MITH as compensation for the value they provide. MITH tokens can then be used for in-app purchases, in-store purchases (currently in Taiwan and Hong Kong), gifted to other users for their content, or simply exchanged for another digital currency of your choice.  

Mithril introduces a revolutionary concept called “Social Mining” which allows anyone to “mine” cryptocurrency using content instead of computing power. Imagine, being one hop away from Bitcoin or Ethereum without moving to a cave in Iceland or transforming your house into a sauna with all that expensive hardware firing 24/7 (Antminers may have to start coming with dehydration warnings).  


All you have to do is be yourself, and do exactly what you’re doing today. Except now, you’ll get paid for it. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Advertisers dish out big money for your content already, it just goes to someone other than you! Every MITH token represents a portion of the value of all the content that gets created on the network. Advertisers can now sidestep the middleman by purchasing these tokens. This will allow them to pay for the attention of targeted users directly from the content producer. That means you, dear reader.  

As a world famous artist himself, Jeff is in a unique position to understand the position of content creators of all types. Someone like Justin Bieber, for example, gets paid royalties for all his music. However, when his likeness or content gets posted on Facebook, the social media site reaps the rewards. Those that create and inspire us via all sorts of mediums have long been in a losing battle with the monopolistic gate keepers of the internet. Just ask any musician how thrilled they are to pay for the “privilege” of their music being available on iTunes.

Yet, it’s more than just the stereotypical “artist” that has not been able to tap into their true digital earning potential. Everyone has unique gifts, skill sets, and attributes that are valuable to others. Mithril is a true paradigm shift in social media that unlocks the potential for everyone to share in the value they create. This means that anyone can post a video story and get paid for every like, comment and view, along with dealing directly with would-be sponsors. With this, the average user has just evened the playing field with big players like the Biebs. (Disclaimer: Bieber may have a slight advantage on you in followers).

Justin Bieber. The King Joffrey of Pop.

So how long do we have to wait until this social media utopia is a reality?  The revolution is already here, folks. LIT is the first platform that the Mithril token is fully integrated with and is available for download at both the Google Play and Apple stores (or right here for efficiency aficionados) . It was developed specifically to be an App and Wallet for Mithril social mining, and is already actively used by over ten-thousand users per day, despite being just over a month old! The upcoming wallet release means that users will be able to exchange MITH directly for other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum directly from the app. And LIT is just the beginning. Anyone who fancies reading the tea leaves might make a reasonable assumption that M17, the company chaired by Jeff Huang, will be following behind shortly and integrating MITH into their hugely popular products.

For the uninitiated, M17 is the leading interactive video platform in developed Asia, taking over the top spot in both Taiwan and Hong Kong a mere matter of months after launching. Rumored to generate north of US $100 Million in its first full year in 2017, M17 is a rapidly expanding social juggernaut positioned to be a prime dance partner for Mithril. Because wouldn’t you know it, they have a mutual friend: Jeff Huang. Integration and acceptance in the red hot social media markets of Asia should give Mithril the clear edge in the “blockchain meets social media” space, and it’s only a matter of time before western markets catch on.

Once people realize they can be rewarded for the cat videos they post, users and their content will flock to social media outlets integrated with Mithril, just as beautiful women instinctively flock to Aspen like the Salmon of Capistrano. (You’re getting old when you realize a shameless Dumb and Dumber reference is probably just as lost on people younger than you as it is on your parents, but I digress.)

The difference from Lit and the competition? Oh nothing… except getting PAID!

The bottom line? Mithril is a game changer. It can unlock the previously hidden earning potential of billions of people. That’s a lot of happy customers! Or, looked at from a different angle, that’s one huge happy community! In the new age of blockchain enabled technology, there is nothing more valuable and powerful than a massive, engaged community. As human beings, we are the source of all that is valuable. We endow any object, inanimate or animate, with it’s worth simply because we believe it to be so.

Mithril asks that we start believing in the value of ourselves.  


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