Enter The Raven – RVN Coin Analysis

For the last few weeks I’ve been hearing everyone talking about RVN or Ravencoin – in fact, nearly everybody who knows anybody is talking about Ravencoin at the moment.


Bitcoin and the Scaling Conundrum

Big Blocks vs Small Blocks, On-Chain vs Off-Chain scaling, Bitcoin as digital cash vs Bitcoin as a store of value. These are only some of the opposing ideologies in the raging debate on the direction Bitcoin should take to scale, accommodate new users and achieve world dominance as a currency and medium of exchange.

MEW Hack, A Postmortem

Today the crypto space and the Ethereum Community specifically were affected by a particularly significant hack targeting the popular MyEtherWallet website.

Antifragile – How Holochain Is Going To Take Over The World

With Holochain, we will finally be able to run our own full, decentralized nodes, have parties communicate with each other in a truly peer to peer format, and have all sorts of new possibilities begin to spring up. Holochain is our virtual Prometheus, taking fire from the gods themselves and giving it for all of humanity to grow and prosper.

Lightning Network – The Challenges Ahead

The lightning network has been hailed as the solution to Bitcoin’s scaling woes and with the beta now being deployed by a variety of merchants accepting Bitcoin, a full scale production-ready roll out doesn’t seem far off.