Lympo ICO Review – LYM Investment Analysis

ICO Details

Symbol – LYM


When – February 17, 2018

Soft Cap – ~2 Million USD

Hard Cap – ~8 Million USD

Fully Diluted Market Cap At ICO – ~21 Million USD

Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 40’000 LYM


Lympo is a blockchain based mobile application that is aimed at the mobile health (mHealth) industry, taking advantage of the two two simultaneously growing sectors. Lympo recognizes a problem with the current way we manage user data and reporting on our health information, providing solutions that can hopefully overcome these issues. A common trait that Lympo has with many other recent projects is the ability to take user data and give it back to the user themselves, rather than letting this valuable information be handed over to large companies that then sell this data.


At its base, Lympo aims to do two things – first, it looks to aggregate user data onto the blockchain as opposed to users having many different apps with their data being split up among them, and secondly incentivizing users to engage with Lympo and partake in the Lympo ecosystem. To further this second point along, Lympo has done a sort of gamification process on their tokens, creating a platform where coaches, companies, and other interested parties can create “challenges” of sorts for users to complete and earn LYM tokens.

It’s an interesting system, and it definitely has its advantages – if you’re a health company looking to gather relevant user data on, say, heart rates of pregnant women during stretching exercises, it’s a simple task to create this challenge on the Lympo platform and get genuine results.



Lympo also has several other features in the pipeline for their platform. One of these is a business incubator program where users can crowdfund new health related projects with LYM, as well as a future marketplace where users will be able to spend their LYM tokens on things like sports merchandise and paraphernalia. From a conceptual standpoint, Lympo is looking to be a full suite solution to answer many of the problems of mHealth applications today, and this holistic approach is uniquely positioned to follow through on its promises.

Team Highlights


Ada Jonuse

Co-founder of, a platform to find the best personal trainers, adviser to ETHLend, a decentralized lending platform, blockchain events speaker and organiser, named an emerging European tech star by the Financial Times, Google and other New Europe 100 list partners. Previous experience: VC Labas Ventures (Seattle, U.S.), European Parliament, United Nations. Sports: yoga, running.



Dimitra Papadopoulou

Expert on blockchain for healthcare and medical research, senior information systems manager with experience at Airbus, Prosieben Media, Accenture and the European Commission, founder of meHealthX, lead consultant at CGI (Germany) for the public sector and healthcare in blockchain use cases.


Danilo Carlucci

Startup founder, growth hacker and marketing expert with 6+ years experience. Ex worker at Google, who led YouTube’s community efforts in the UK.


One of the things that I’m a big fan of with Lympo is their “full stop” solution to resolve many of the issues and drawbacks of using mobile health applications. To make a better product, it can’t just be a little bit better – it needs to be a lot better. Lympo understands this, and they tackle several things at once with this offering. They’re solving the user data problem by implementing the system on blockchain, aggregating the data so that companies and individuals have one place to look for actionable information, setting up a marketplace to purchase and buy fitness/health related goods, incentivizing and gamifying the process of earning tokens and using the app, and putting in the work to build connections with the community. This is exactly the kind of approach that one needs when looking to challenge incumbents in the space – one that does a lot of things much better, and it gives me a good degree of confidence to see that Lympo agrees.


Token sale terms are also very favourable in this offering. With a modest 20 Million dollar cap, it’s certainly not the smallest cap we’ve seen so far, but it’s also low enough that investors can expect great returns on their investments. With the entire Lympo marketplace being so dependent on the LYM token, even a longer term approach should work out favourably for Lympo investors.


Lympo will have to do its best to gain traction early for their project – I’ve seen too many projects at this point have really compelling usecases only to fall short of their goals due to a mismanaged marketing campaign or not having one at all. An investment into Lympo is an investment into the future of the app, and it will need to be a big success or not one at all.

As far as hype is concerned, because this is more of a stealthy low key pick, I expect there won’t be a particularly high amount of hype going into this sale. Most ICO investors prefer to go in on platforms and protocols, and while dapps certainly bring value to blockchain (as I expect Lympo will), they are valued far less than their more robust counterparts. Lympo is a platform, but a very limited one and scope specific.



Lympo makes me excited. The proposition of having some real apps being in use by mainstream users is exactly what we need to bring legitimacy and cognizance of blockchain to the masses. Lympo can help to achieve this goal, and make their users some money with LYM tokens in the process. The team is decent, with a working MVP and a tight roadmap. The relatively low cap pushes Lympo over the edge and I recommend this project, both for short and long term investment.

Investment Grade: 80%

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