Taylor ICO Review – TAY Investment Analysis


ICO Details

Symbol – TAY


When – February 21, 2018

Soft Cap – 500’000 USD

Hard Cap – 6 Million USD

Fully Diluted Market Cap At ICO – 10 Million USD

Exchange Rate: 1 TAY = 0.00070 ETH


Taylor is an easy-to-use trading assistant service and mobile app that helps people
make quick trades and earn small profits many times a day. The service works by
signaling good entry points and allowing them to buy and sell almost instantly on
popular exchanges, such as Poloniex and Bittrex.

Taylor is an upcoming project built to push cryptocurrency trading and investing into the mainstream. With the success of apps such as Robinhood and their recent crypto implementation, it only makes sense that other competitors would want to get in on this business and add their own flavor to crypto trading. Mobile apps like Robinhood and Taylor are the perfect answer, as they are easy for people to understand and use.

Of course, trading crypto by itself is no easy feat – to help you in this area, Taylor has a lot of automation built into its system, including signals from the Smart Taylor bot, implementing strategies with predefined risks and automatic entries/exits, and it even handles interaction with exchanges on your behalf.


With Taylor, more mainstream and newly interested parties can engage and profit from the burgeoning crypto economy, and acts a quasi-onboard mechanism for people to get into the crypto world. One of the things that I hear often when new people are being invited into this space is just to “download the coinbase app” and buy some coins from there. While Coinbase is great for buying and holding cryptocurrencies, it doesn’t do as well of a job for trading and actually profiting off of coins and picks. Taylor will be the app more suited to those looking to generate returns in a simple and easy manner.



Fabio Seixas

System engineer by graduation, entrepreneur by vocation. Over 20 years experience in digital projects and startups. Prior to Taylor, Fabio founded 7 other startups. Startup mentor in the brazilian community, TEDx Speaker, Blockchain enthusiast, crypto trader and investor.


Alexandra Scheufler

Alexandara has worked as a marketing communications manager for Momentive Performance Materials Inc, a global leader in silicones and advanced material as well as The Chef’s Garden. She will serve as the PR manager for the Smart Taylor project.


Brad Mills

Brad Mills has been a proponent of crypto and blockchain as far as back as 2011, and has proven experience and expertise that he will be able to provide the Smart Taylor project as they roll out their product. Being an expert in ICO’s as the head of the ICO wing in the Alphabit Fund leaves Brad with a keen knowledge on how to successfully bring a product from early stages to completion.


TAY tokens will be rare – the total cap of the crowdsale is going to be limited to just 6 Million USD, making this one of the lowest capped sales that I’ve reviewed on this site. Low caps are definitely projects that I am a proponent of, and it means plenty of care was given to the investors who will provide initial liquidity, hype, and community for their project. For TAY to reach a regular cap of 25 Million (the cap of most ICO’s) it would have to perform at almost a 5x of ICO valuation, making this a great potential buy.


Secondly, they are giving a whopping 76% of their tokens to the public during their sales, and only reserving a small amount of tokens for themselves. Again, this shows that the Smart Taylor team is interested in getting their tokens out to as many hands as possible as opposed to hoarding large amounts of the distribution for themselves. A healthy amount has been left for the referral and bounty programs to hopefully incentivize the community to talk about Taylor and the great things it can do for newcomers to the crypto scene.


The one small caveat to this project’s success will be the possible overshadowing they might experience from Robinhood – with over 1 million users requesting entry into the early access for their mobile crypto trading, they will certainly have quite a headstart over Taylor. While it does mean good things from a possible audience perspective  (we know that there exists a customer need that is yet to be fulfilled here) it will be difficult to overcome the large hype of a big company like Robinhood with Taylor.

That being said, if Taylor provides more features, better spreads, and quality signals, they should find it no problem to carve out a space for themselves.


Taylor is a great little project that isn’t looking to “revolutionize” blockchain or be the next Facebook. What it does do is address a problem that has yet to be solved by other companies, implement it in a user friendly way, and then monetizes it with their TAY tokens. This will be a great project to invest in, both in the short and long term, and with some success, will be an amazing return on investment. The low cap, solid fundamentals, great usecase, and supportive team/advisors make me fully confident that Taylor is a winner.


Investment Grade: 85%

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