Adhive ICO Review – ADH Investment Analysis

ICO Details

Symbol – ADH


When – February 7, 2018

Soft Cap – 2 Million USD

Hard Cap – 12 Million USD

Total Max Market Cap At ICO – 28 Million USD

Exchange Rate: Variable, based on ETH price


AdHive is a revolutionary new platform built to bridge the gap between social media influencers and advertising companies/agencies that are looking to spread their message. AdHive uses some unique new technologies such as their machine learning algorithms that handle many of the trivialities and holdups that occur in common day to day communications between advertisers and influences. AdHive also looks to expand the marketplace for both sides of these kind of deals, increasing liquidity and overall achieving greater overall returns for influencers and cheaper rates for advertisers.

Online advertising is a steadily growing sector of world industry, and it only looks to be increasing further and further as newer generations of children spend more time on websites such as YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, and others. Many of these younger audiences follow influencers, large YouTube stars or well known people in the community, and prefer watching this kind of content from real people as opposed to traditional programming. These stars, or “influencers”, can use their fame to leverage products and services that they recommend to audiences, thereby granting exposure and increasing returns for the product or service in question. Advertisers use the power of influencers to sell their goods and services and in return pay the influencers with money.


However, there are currently several issues with the system – influencers and advertisers often spend far too much time in a communication phase, handling details and trivialities that are better off avoided. Secondly, there is a large amount of opaqueness when it comes to rates, as many influencers don’t talk to each other about the rates that they are gaining access to, thereby making a fair deal a much harder ask. With AdHive and its AI learning platform, it removes all of these barriers, makes prices transparent and available to any influencer that wants to use the platform, and automates much of the process, thereby making faster and easier to get results.


Team Highlights


Dmitry Malyanov

Co-founder, Webvane, CEO of Data management service, 10+ years in sales and business development. Dmitry is the architect behind the business model and is responsible for setting direction for the company’s products. Professional in AI technologies.


Larry Christopher Bates

Community advisor Neuroimaging scientist, serial crypto project developer and Blockchain Enthusiast. Telecommunications and cyber-security specialist. Former сommunity leader/advisor for Factom and Synereo. Chief Security Officer/President for Bitland Global



Soheil Mirpour

Senior Vice President for Investments at Rocket Internet and a Senior Director at the firm’s investment arm Global Founders Capital. He leads the firm’s Private Equity and Growth Investing. Previously, he worked in Private Equity at Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and in Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley


AdHive is doing a great thing here by holding their token sale in two phases – they are essentially giving early investors a much better bang for their buck by holding off on raising the necessary capital for their project until they actually need to raise it – for this reason, AdHive will be holding two separate token sales, the first of which will sell 30% of the total coins with the second selling off another 30% to be scheduled later this year. That puts their current hard cap at a 12 Million USD valuation – more than fair and I would daresay undervalued for this kind of unique offering to the blockchain space.


A second thing that I like about AdHive is that it solves a real world problem and makes it simpler and easier for people to do the same thing that they already did before. Speaking as someone who has done work on social media as an influencer, it’s definitely hard to give someone a rate for a project and not know if you’re undervaluing yourself.

It can also be a pain to spend all of the time doing communications and reporting results to advertisers for review – as AdHive automates all of this, I can personally see an immediate use and advantage in this platform. Opening up rates and advertisers to the entire ecosystem instead of keeping deals exclusively between two private parties means that there will be overall more work and gains potential for influencers and a greater access to a wider pool for advertisers with much more actionable data.


One of the most crucial problems that AdHive will need to solve will be their onboarding mechanisms and marketing – for a new app to go from 0 to a thriving ecosystem will take a lot of gumption, time, and resources. While AdHive is certainly poised to succeed with everything else they have in place, they need to be absolutely focused on acquiring and retaining users of the AdHive platform. Projects like these live and die off of their userbase, and one only needs to look at less successful projects such as LBRY to figure out that user retention will be the most important factors moving forward.


AdHive has a great team of seasoned experts and professionals that will take this project seriously and give it the fighting chance it deserves. It offers a truly unique proposition with their AI controlled ad placement and marketplace, and has extremely lucrative incentives both for users of the platform and holders of the tokens. I’m very excited about AdHive and give it a passing grade, and would recommend interested investors to get in on this project on the ground floor and in the ICO stage.

Investment Grade: 85%

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