REMME ICO Review – REM Investment Analysis

ICO Details

Symbol – REM


When – February 13, 2018

Soft Cap – 750’000 USD

Hard Cap – 20 Million USD

Total Max Market Cap At ICO – 40 Million USD

Exchange Rate: 1 REM = $0.04


REMME is a state of the art method for cryptographically granting access to devices and systems that are looking to securely sign in to a service. It has a few advanced technical features that are enabled in part by blockchain, with a hybrid system of Proof of Stake and Proof of Authority consensus algorithm that is purpose built for the REMME platform. While REMME is planning on residing on the Ethereum platform as an ERC-20 token, REMME will also have their own blockchain infrastructure in place, complete with masternodes/verifying nodes that will handle much of the authorization tasks.

Currently, traditional services and sites use a simple username/password protection along with the increasingly popular 2 Factor Authentication format that many are used to. When a user needs to log in to their service, however, they open themselves up to a lot of attack vectors that hackers and other parties can use to their advantage. A hacker can install a keylogger, for example, on the potential victim’s system and look for the keystrokes that denominate the password – moreover, passwords themselves are often easily cracked with dictionary attacks, massive password leaks, or user error/idiosynchrasies. An example of the latter is the password “password1”, which remains one of the most used passwords worldwide – users in many cases have little to no defense in securing their account from would-be intruders.


With REMME, the team is looking to change that – by using SSL certificates and verifying records on the blockchain, systems can log in to REMME enabled services without ever requiring a password input from users. If a computer has been pre-authenticated with a REMME SSL certificate, it can simply click a “log in” button and be granted access. This is because the SSL certificate is checked on the blockchain for authenticity, and fake SSL proofs will safely be ignored. While this kind of technology already exists, the implementation and integration of this kind of system on a blockchain removes the need for centralized servers that do the record-keeping of SSL certificates – thereby removing all possible attack vectors for common hacks.

Team Highlights


Kate Pospelova

Kate has experience working as a marketing manager for the NIKO corporation, as well as being the founder of the Muse Agency.


Jan Keil

Jan Keil has worked as the VP of marketing for InfoPulse, one of the largest technology and IT solutions providers.




REMME has a lot of things going for it, but I’ll start with their token terms – at a 20 Million USD cap, it is categorized as a rather low cap investment option, and certainly makes their offering much more appealing. Something I’ve also noticed as of late has been many projects eschewing larger hard caps while swapping around their total available tokens for the crowdsale portion to 33% or less. It’s a cute strategy but we investors take note – REMME, on the other hand, is reserving a large 50% of tokens for investors, making their low cap even more enticing.

REMME also has had several MVP’s and working proofs of concept – a quick look at their whitepaper timeline reveals that they have been hard at work since early 2016 on creating their idea and integrating it with the Emercoin chain. Since then, they’ve also created a version 2 of their concept, integrated it with the Bitcoin chain, tested several pilot programs, and partnered up with Infopulse to take their project to the next level. An investment into REMME is more than just vaporware, it’s tried and tested technology that will have a proven track record of success.


Finally, the REMME idea is a very novel take on security – one of the things I’m super bullish on as we move to a more digitized world is cybersecurity, and REMME takes things one step further by removing vectors of attack. While more traditional users might not find much use in the REMME platform (somebody could steal a laptop that is verified by REMME, for example, and then have easier access to information), this is a perfect application for business and enterprises, who have large systems that are hard to find and access physically, who will be more than willing to pay for this kind of system. It’s cheaper, safer, and easier to manage than existing solutions – these all make REMME an absolute winner in my book.


One of the less desireable aspects of the project is the relative strength of this team when compared to the field – I make this point in a lot of my reviews, but it remains a strong indicator of future success to have a great team backing a project from the getgo. Weaker teams have definitely surprised me in the past however (STORM token), while others I have invested into personally (Devery) so I am not averse to partaking in a project due to a seemingly weaker team. The fact that REMME already has several proofs of concept and has shown that their product works allays many of the fears of investing into this kind of team however – it definitely reflects well on them.


REMME is by and large one of my favorite recent projects – their idea is simple and effective, and large corporate entities would find instant use in this cost-saving security method. I can see corporations the world over eventually switching to this kind of tech, and for every new SSL key that is generated, REMME will be effectively spent – thus raising the overall price of REM tokens over time. I’m very excited to see where this project goes and urge any investor to take a long hard look at this solution.

Investment Grade: 90%

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15 thoughts on “REMME ICO Review – REM Investment Analysis

    1. I don’t think it’s getting much buzz because it’s a fully bonafide project in a space that those just chasing the $$ aren’t aware of. Those interested in the tech and scope are very interested in this.


  1. Slightly worried about the weak team. They might become big in Ukraine, but world dominance.. dunno.. CEO has 72 followers on Twitter, CMO is a freelance webdesigner with average portfolio, and so on.. so wish it was stronger!


    1. I’ve personally talked to their tech reviewer (for IRG) and while he makes some great points, REMME will have a chance to prove themselves tomorrow during their AMA. I would wait and see for now.


  2. Am all excited for their token sale. 40 mil fully diluted Mcap is enticing…
    not sure if there was ever a presale though and if tokens there are vested


  3. doesn’t globalhalo review bonus or token details?
    I love your technical review of remme but I do hope you review other points as well when you review
    basically presale bonus of remme starts with 70%
    20%+10%(family community blabla)+ethereum protection airdrop(which is almost 50% now if price rises it will increase more) in this bear market everybody dump how do you think about this?


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