Experty ICO Review – EXY Investment Analysis

ICO Details

Symbol – EXY


When – January 2018

Soft Cap – 2’000 ETH (2.4 Million USD)

Hard Cap – 9 Million USD

Total Max Market Cap At ICO – 27 Million USD

Exchange Rate: 1 EXY = 0.27 USD


Experty is a consultation platform created on the Ethereum network and purpose-built to service existing experts, technical advisors, consultants, and other professionals to leverage their knowledge in order to gain crypto. Currently, the consultation industry is one that’s booming and makes billions of dollars every single year. Almost all Fortune 500 companies have consultation experts that they rely on to provide their businesses with the necessary intelligence and expertise to make well informed decisions. Private businesses often use consultation services to leverage the knowledge of people who have decades of experience or as an alternate form of “mentorship”. Finally, individuals seek out consultants for financial advice, industry expertise, or other intelligence that they otherwise would not have. Needless to say that the consultation industry is a thriving one, and being a consultant means there is plenty of demand for your services and intelligence, making it a very lucrative job route for many.

However, there is a problem with the current systems put in place for conducting and performing consultations – they are usually not peer to peer. If you are a consultant looking to offer your services for payment, you have a few options. Either you can go through a third party escrow (such as providing your services on a platform like Freelancer, etc.) which means you will make less money and payers will have to pay more (in order to support the third party and make them profitable), or use a more direct peer to peer transactional system, which essentially means one party needs to trust the other not to run away with the payment/knowledge. It’s a tricky little problem to solve, but this is where Experty comes in.

Experty will enable consultants and highly knowledgeable professionals to perform the same functions they normally would do for a consultation on the Ethereum network – what this means is that the entire process becomes trustless, and both parties can easily take advantage of the opportunity of either a) getting paid for their knowledge or b) getting the desired expertise. Experty is a brilliant solution to a complicated problem, and they make it extremely easy to integrate themselves with existing social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Quora with a simple link. Experty goes further, too, and onboards more people towards the adoption of cryptocurrency on the whole with their system:

Our mission is to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrency on a global scale by creating an intuitive, easy to use application that is suitable for wide scale usage. We expect mass adoption within the next 3 years. Anyone who needs to make a consultation via the Experty app will also have a cryptocurrency wallet in their pocket.

An interesting thing about Experty is that while it is definitely geared towards consultations and knowledge-sharing, the scope of their project has the potential to go much further than consulting. Taken from their whitepaper, we have a great idea in the form of premium support offerings from crypto exchanges (or even other high volume services with a long list of requests):

  • Paid Premium Support – It can be difficult for exchanges to handle the high volume of support requests they get. Instead of waiting, customers can skip the line and pay for premium support.

It’s definitely a unique take on the usecase for Experty, and adding additional utility for their tokens make Experty all the more compelling as an investment.



Greg Kućmierz

Greg will be one of the blockchain engineers and coder of the contracts on Ethereum, as well as being a co-founder of the Experty platform. Greg has had two years of experience working with Cisco.


Josh Olszewicz

Josh is one of the more prominent members of the blockchain community, and has plenty of experience writing for Bitcoin Magainze and Brave New Coin, as well as hosting a successful YouTube channel where he tracks the movements and news in the crypto world.


Blaise Mathai

Blaise is listed as the blockchains communications manager for the Expert project – he has experience writing for CoinTelegraph as well as working as a software engineer for Fidelty Investments.


Experty has a very low cap in a sea of crowdsales hitting targets such as 30 Million on average – this makes Experty a prime target for investment due to their low overall cap. As the crypto ecosystem grows, valuations will get much higher, and the ethical stance of Experty to take only what they need means a lot more than just their small valuation. In my experience, projects that decide to go with this kind of route often care a lot more about their community and the success of their project than others which leads to: more developer updates, more exchange listings, more news, and a stronger community (more holders!).


A second thing that I like about Experty is their MVP – they are already quite close to having a finished product on their hands, and have had a proof of concept for some time to show that the system overall will work. In general, I prefer to have a stance of investing into projects that are more than whitepapers, and Experty delivers on that promise. In addition, Experty mentions several partners such as YouTubers, influencers, and even larger companies such as Bitcoin Suisse in their whitepaper as entities that will use Experty in their pipeline. This inspires quite a lot of confidence and makes an investment more sound overall.

Finally, Experty gets bonus points for doing their best efforts to integrate themselves with existing technology and social networks. If Experty will be as easy to use as they state in their whitepaper, adding a simple link and making an account will be very acceptable for most mainstream users of the Experty platform, and I can easily see even traditional consultants decide to implement Experty as part of their consultation pipeline.


One of the negatives about the project is more of a nitpick, but ultimately a real issue – how does a user know how much to top their account off with in order to have a call on Experty? If, for example, you top off your account with 100$ and a provider is charging 100$, if you want to continue the chat you simply can’t without re-upping on your account and starting a new transaction/call. I’m curious to see how Experty will handle this small edge-case, and am a bit way of Experty users possibly trying out the platform and hitting roadblocks such as this, only to be turned off from the idea entirely.

A second negative is their team – while the team is good, Experty is releasing their sales during January – which in my humble opinion has been one of the most fiercely competitive and contested month in ICO’s thus far, meaning Experty is being sized up to some really world class teams. Experty may ultimately fall under the radar due to this, and while it can be a great speculative play to go in on a project with less-than-usual hype, it does instill less confidence on the other hand.



Experty is a solid project, and one that can see plenty of use from professionals and newcomers alike from the outset of their release. Their token economics are fair, and it’s especially nice to see that they are reserving some of their largest bonuses for groups that show they are legitimately interested in the project with their “proof of care” system. While their team isn’t necessarily contending with the top rivals of the industry, the project’s scope is limited in a fashion that will make it easy and simple for Experty to come out of the gates soaring. Look forward to Experty making waves with its product and an early investment will likely pay dividends.

Investment Grade: 85%

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8 thoughts on “Experty ICO Review – EXY Investment Analysis

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the review. I am trying to understand their token economics.

    I am following Experty ICO from last two months.

    Total tokens: 100million tokens
    33m for contributors(<40% discount) – 9million $ hard cap.
    33m for company,
    30m for partners (60% discount)

    Initially, They announced 1ETH=1000EXY when ETH was at around 300$ and 9million hard cap.
    1token price is around at 0.3$

    let's say community have all 33m tokens including purchased and bonus;
    then company posses: 33m * 0.3$ = 10million $

    Now 1ETH=1000EXY and ETH is around at 1200$ and 9 million hard cap.
    I expect the number of tokens will be reduced by 4 times from the community since token price increased by 4 times (1.2$/EXY), i.e 7.5million tokens and remaining tokens will be burned.
    But company still posses 33m tokens: 33 * 1.2$ = 39million $

    I am aware company tokens are vested for 3 years and by following this approach, they just increased the holding value of the company by four times, instead of bringing the product to market and increasing its value. As an investor, I am not feeling good about this point. What motivates them to work hard and improve the product if base value is already 39million for the team.

    And is initial token price(say 1.2$) good for traction of the token when introduced in Exchanges?

    Several days before I have sent email to Kamil, but he might be busy.

    I appreciate, if you can provide your thoughts on this.


    1. I believe the difference here is that the tokens aren’t getting more expensive, but you are getting more EXY per ETH than before as the USD difference is larger now. EXY should still be going for ~27 cents right now, which means for every 1 ETH you contribute you’ll get around 4’500 EXY, not 1’000.


      1. No, I just checked with them again on telegram. They said, 1ETH=1000EXY. whatever the ETH price. They close the sale, if they reach 9m hard cap.


      2. If they’re keeping the 1 ETH = 1’000 EXY rate, then that means there will be far less EXY created during the TGE. 33% will remain for the company, or 9m.

        That means the company won’t have 33M tokens but 33% of the total raise – an equivalent amount to what crowdsale purchasers will get.

        Thanks for this question, I hope this cleared it up.


  2. Thanks for the reply.
    It would be okay If it’s 33% of the total raise. But even in your picture he said, 33% “for” TGE and 33% for team. Does that mean, 33% for TGE, is it out 100million tokens, similarly for 33% (out of 100m tokens ??) for team.

    PS: I am not a native speaker of English.


  3. that’s one shitty ico, except carenoctom on advisory board, they have also some polish so-called influencer ‘bentyns szczepan’ ,as far as I know he’s just some ponzi-semi-chad-looser, be aware who’s advising such ‘good’ project.


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