PROPS ICO Review – PROPS Investment Analysis

ICO Details

Symbol – PROPS


When – Q1 2018

Soft Cap – None

Hard Cap – 25 Million USD

Total Max Market Cap At ICO – 125 Million USD

Exchange Rate: Unkown

Total Tokens in Circulation At ICO – Unknown



YouNow is a live broadcasting service where users stream their own live video content or interact with the video streams of other users in real time, as well as a social platform for users to meet up and video call each other. YouNow boasts over 10 million installations and 300’000 reviews on Google Play, and are transitioning their success to the blockchain space. Leveraging the Ethereum network, YouNow hopes to establish and monetize Rize, their new video application and reward users and contributors with tokens known as PROPS.

In the current age, we have two main types of video streaming solutions – they are either single to many transmissions, with examples being Twitch.TV, Periscope, and Facebook Video. A second option are video conferences, where groups of people can interact together with each other. Each of these push a certain aspect of technology in order to achieve their goals – with single to many transmissions, scalability is the first order of business with high latencies being a common problem. With the latter option, low latency is the primary strength, though video conferences are often kept to a limit of 25 people of below.

With the new Rize application, the YouNow team hopes to create the world’s first “many to many” video live streaming solution. With their new technology, even stadium sized spaaces of hundreds or thousands of people can all be connected within a single group video call. Needless to say that the possibilities for this kind of technology are astounding, opening up a brand new method of interactivity and engagement from content creators with their fans, while still for others it would make it possible to simulate real life experiences (such as busy public streets or concerts) in a new format.

PROPS will be the token that powers this entire ecosystem and ties things together – with the already massive success of YouNow enabling day 1 instant adoption, as well as cleverly hiding the complexities of cryptocurrency and wallets from users, PROPS will be an in demand token that looks to be poised for massive mainstream use. PROPS may be the first large scale mainstream use token, and the YouNow team hopes to take advantage of this as they fully integrate their services with blockchain.



Adi Sideman

Adi Sideman is a pioneer in participatory media, an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience creating apps and companies in the user-generated video space. Adi founded YouNow in 2011 to provide a live social platform for people to connect, interact, and express themselves. YouNow grew to be a global social network with more than 40 Million users and over 120 million user sessions per month. YouNow was a finalist for TechCrunch’s Fastest Rising Startup of 2015 Awards.

Ben Perper

Ben’s career spans 10+ years of consumer-tech product management. Before YouNow, Ben was a Senior PM at Zynga, launching new titles, and running game operations reaching hundreds of millions of users. In Zynga’s intensely data-driven environment he honed his skills in analyzing user behavior, optimizing virtual economies, prioritizing product roadmaps and shipping updates in order to hit aggressive KPIs.

Yonatan Selaa

Yonatan Sela is an entrepreneur and digital media executive. Sela leads business operations and product strategy at YouNow. Yonatan joined the founding team of Tvinci, an online video / OTT platform, where he spent 5 years as VP Marketing and Product Strategy. He led Tvinci to 8 figures in revenue and an acquisition by Kaltura in 2014. Yonatan also co-founded Bookn’tell, an app that simplifies friend referrals for local service businesses.


YouNow has an all-star team of professionals who have industry experience in their chosen field (their whitepaper brilliantly displays their deep knowledge of their space) as well as experience in other professional companies. YouNow will be supported by several all-star collaborators, such as Philip DeFranco (6 Million YouTube subscribers) and Casey Neistat (8.5 Million YouTube subscribers), Comcast Ventures, and Venrock. Needless to say with all of this star power and these connections, that YouNow will easily be able to spread their message far and wide to the mainstream masses.

A second thing that I like about PROPS and YouNow is the level of expertise in their field – I wasn’t aware of YouNow’s existence until I did research for this article, but I am pleasantly surprised to find that a company is managing not only to survive under the shadow of giants YouTube and Twitch, but thriving and creating their own niche in the space. YouNow has increased revenue year on year and have many other impressive statistics, and this is for an existing product that is not first to market. With Rize, YouNow will be the industry leader and have the entire niche just to themselves – this makes me very interested to see how it will catapult their future growth.

Finally, I am very interested in their Rize application and to follow their new “many to many” video technology. There will be value in this kind of product no matter what, and revolutionary new ways of interacting and socializing don’t just come every day. The amount of users that YouNow will be able to onboard should be quite impressive considering all of their current users.



One of the negatives of this project is their token distribution – while 25 Million is a fair enough cap that gives them neutral standing in terms of their raise, the concerning aspect remains that they are only selling 20% of all PROPS tokens during the ICO. This means that there will be many more PROPS tokens – their emission schedule is set up in such a way that PROPS bought during ICO will be less than the total PROPS by the second year after the sale. This makes long term commitment to this kind of project much more of a demanding proposition.

props 5



YouNow is a great company with a proven track record of working in one of the most competitive spaces in the world. The all star team combined with a revolutionary new technology and the star power behind this project makes this an extremely auspicious investment. While the longer term scenario leaves a more difficult question to be asked, in the short to mid term it looks as if PROPS will be one of the better ICO’s of Q1. Look for details on the approaching crowdsale date on their web site, as this is an investment you won’t want to miss out on.

Investment Grade: 90%

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8 thoughts on “PROPS ICO Review – PROPS Investment Analysis

  1. Another great review !
    Too bad that it was already completely sold out on December 22.
    So no point in publishing review on December 24 😦


      1. Briefly joined their telegram and was answered that that will be no way of getting props, if one was not whitelisted before Dec. 22
        Still coming is TGE in January, but ONLY for those who are whitelisted….
        Too bad, but I do hope you keep you keep publishing your really great reviews 🙂
        Is there any way of receiving an alert the minute you publish a review ?


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