Jury Online ICO Review – JOT Investment Analysis


ICO Details

Symbol – JOT


When – February 12, 2018

Soft Cap – ~4 Million USD

Hard Cap – ~8 Million USD

Total Max Market Cap At ICO – ~14 Million USD (8 Million Circulating)

Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 220 JOT, with 20% bonus based on time of purchase

Total Tokens in Circulation At ICO – 10 Million JOT (7 Million Circulating)



Jury Online is a pretty unique proposition – what they are attempting to do is to revolutionize the dispute resolution space by importing all of the functions and technicalities of legacy systems onto the Ethereum blockchain with the use of their Smart Contracts.

With current systems, if there is a dispute between two parties on a product, service, or deal amongst each other, they need to go to court for dispute resolution. This is a long and expensive process as lawyers need to be paid, time needs to be taken to accomodate all of the proceedings, and International suits are even more of a hassle. For these reasons, most civil cases (in the United States) are settled outside of the court system due to the costs and effort required to follow through on a suit.

Jury Online leverages the power of a decentralized network to make their Jurors anonymous (thereby removing biased decisions), their cases faster (as deals are made with predefined rules and outcomes), and their fees cheaper (as performing dispute resolution in this manner would be much lower in terms of cost). Jury Online is a very niche product in the space, but it is an original one, and for the aforementioned benefits it looks to be an auspicious project.




Michael Greenberg

The founder of Finance Magnates, Michael Greenberg has proven himself as a success in the entrepreneurial world, taking a pivot later on towards blockchain and crypto related projects. He has advised for two other ICO’s, and will be filling the same role for Jury Online.


Marina Kobyakova

Marina has good work experience, listing Thomson Reuters on her LinkedIn as well as UpDK. For Jury Online, Marina will be serving as the business development lead for the project – helping to establish relations with other businesses and increase use/adoption of their platform.

On the whole, Jury.Online’s team is relatively weak, however they have enough decent advisors and a large enough team (as well as a more simple project compared to other ICO offerings) that will help to mitigate some of the downside potential of a rookie development squad.



Jury Online has a few positive aspects of their project – one of them is the real novelty of their idea. While there have been several other projects in the space which tackle dispute resolution in one form or another (BitBay, Confido), they are scope limited to the service they provide. Jury Online opens this up to almost any negotiation between two or more parties, and gives users much more power in handling their tasks and disputes in this distributed manner.

A second thing that delights me about this project is their hard cap – at 8 million dollars, Jury Online is a stellar buy, making these tokens an absolute steal in terms of upwards potential. This is the kind of project one can see easily going to, say, 40 million dollars in market cap, making the potential returns on this kind of investment massive. Jury looks poised with their great token sale terms to be a lucrative buy come February.

A third positive about Jury Online is the way the system is powered by experts in their field – successful jurors are free to use Jury Online to earn crypto by helping resolve disputes and serving as one of the anonymous parties that review the cases. This is an interesting take on a court system, and something that hasn’t been possible until the advent of blockchain and the Internet. It excites me to see whether this will be something that can actually get some good traction and really take off.


As stated before, the Jury Online team is relatively weak. Most ICO investors are looking for safety with their investments, whether that’s in the form of an all-star team or other compelling reasons for others to buy. This means that Jury will receive much less hype than other projects, and also unfortunately is docked several percentage points due to the newness of their team. In fact, their CEO looks to be freshly out of college, and while we certainly don’t discriminate in tech towards younger competitors (Facebook, anyone?), it definitely becomes harder for their squad to stack up against some truly world class development teams.

A second problem that Jury Online will come across and must face in time will be the acceptance of their platform – while they do mention in their whitepaper that they will make the process as easy as possible for users in terms of on ramping them (one example is the fact that through their site users won’t have to download the full Ethereum network to use Jury) it is questionable whether they can build enough audience and hype to make a long-lasting customer base. As most entrepreneurs will tell you, it’s not about the idea but the execution.



Jury Online is one of the projects that legitimately excite me, both for a long term and short term potential – if they succeed in their vision, it will mean access to dispute resolution services for people across the world, more transparency in making deals with one another, and a streamlined process of connecting people to experienced experts and knowledgeable anonymous parties that can help resolve disputes. While the idea is great, temper your excitement with the fact that they do have one of the weaker teams comparative to other projects – for some, the risk might simply be too high. In any case, look for Jury Online’s ICO in February, and make sure to mark this unique project on your calendar.

Investment Grade: 75%

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