Leverj ICO Review – LEV Investment Analysis


ICO Details

Symbol – LEV


When – November 7th, 2017

How to Participate – ETH will be accepted in the sale.

Soft Cap – None

Hard Cap – 26 Million USD

Total Max Market Cap At ICO – 92.5 Million USD (~36 Million Circulating)

Exchange Rate: 1 ETH = 3’000 LEV

Total Tokens in Circulation At ICO – 1 Billion LEV (400 Million Circulating)



Leverj is a next-generation decentralized crypto-asset trading exchange, which focuses primarily on user experience, quality assurance, and providing a robust featureset of trading tools and options to set itself apart from the competition. The eponymous leverage that the project will allow for crypto traders is something that has as of yet been a completely unfilled void in the markets. Decentralized exchanges are a rising hot topic in 2017, and we have seen a few projects (a good example is paradex) that attempt to address this problem. Leverj is one of the first, however, that will allow leveraged trading of crypto assets – thereby unlocking a massive amount of potential, both within the trading community, and for the liquidity of the crypto asset class as a whole.

Leverj is created with the professional crypto trader in mind – this means that they will include tools and indicators for things like Technical Analysis as part of their wheelhouse, and they even have a few advanced features, such as Trade Replays, Copy Trading, and automated routines that are set up by the user.

Leverj will be primarily an ERC-20 token exchange, however plans are in the roadmap to implement crypto index funds, major cryptocurrency futures (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum futures) and even a few traditional stock options such as commodities (like Oil and Gold). While this won’t necessarily be their forte, it’s a nice addition and will likely serve the exchange very well in serving traders as best as they can – being a crypto trader myself, I tend to use services such as 1Broker to do my stocks and commodity trading, and it would be even nicer if we had a decentralized option for this as well.

The Leverj tokens are split into two different assets – the LEV, and FEE tokens. This is a way to distance the appreciation of the utility token (LEV) while being able to maintain a steady price of FEE tokens. It’s a genius little innovation that is seen in other projects such as competing project Spectre. Watch the below video for a more in depth primer on the LEV and FEE differences:

Leverj decentralizes the most desirable features of derivatives trading by implementing them in cryptocurrencies and eliminating points of friction. With a tight focus on derivatives trading and the supporting ecosystem, Leverj has taken the approach of defining the product first.

We have built a functional exchange with a usable UI (user interface), decentralized identity, and provable audit. We plan to decentralize the back-end and add ecosystem features that will enable large players to move into the cryptocurrency world.



Bharath Rao

Bharath will be serving as the CEO and Founder of the Leverj project. He has high level experience working with such prestigious organizations as GE and Motorola. He has 10 years of experience trading Wall Street and will provide the critical knowledge-base necessary to tailor fit Leverej towards traders.



Nirmal Gupta

Nirmal is another key player in this project with his own 10 years of trading experience, particularly with Forex trading. He has work experience with GE, as well as working as an Engineer for Infosys and Cisco systems.


Roger Royse

Roger is the founder of Royse Law Firm, PC, a business and tax law firm with offices in Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach and San Francisco. Roger will provide key information regarding law guidelines and requirements that will ensure Leverj can acccomplish their goals.



It’s not often that a project is backed by ConsenSys, one of the world’s leading blockchain investors and innovators – A partnership with ConsenSys will mean the team at Leverj is perfectly poised with the proper connections and hype level to really take this project to the next level.



Firstly, I’ll talk a bit about the Leverj software as a trader – as you can see from the video above, if they are to truly deliver on the promises that they are putting forth, it will be a dream come true for any crypto trader. The ability to automate trades along with their API implementation will allow for more mechanical traders (as well as bots) to be able to use this software to immense effect. State of the art cross leveraging and increasing/decreasing margin positions as well as splitting positions up over time means that this will likely be one of the most robust platforms for cryptocurrency traders. As a large part of the crypto ecosystem is Ethereum asset based, Leverj will find absolutely no trouble in garnering a large initial volume of crypto traders. To look at an example of the existing market for this, take a look at the daily volumes for EtherDelta.

Leverj also has a marketing department, and they’ve hired a great marketing lead for their project. This is a critical component of any project, and while most ICO’s of our day tend to shirk these responsibilities, Leverj proudly displays that they are serious about doing a proper campaign for their product. Expect great onboarding tactics, advertisements, and general hype surrounding this project throughout all stages of its release.

Finally, Leverj already has an existing Minimum Viable Product – the service Coinpit.io can be used today, and while the site itself doesn’t get a lot of use (one can check the daily volumes), it does at least serve as a good proof of concept. Looking around at some old AMA’s, it’s revealed that CoinPit was never meant to be aggressively marketed – as they will now do their due diligence with marketing (and have a simply better foundation), I can expect that Leverj will be able to pivot away from the pitfalls of their previous iteration.




The Leverj token mechanics are one aspect that I’m not particularly pleased about – there were some amount of presale buyers who bought into the project at undisclosed amounts (and there’s evidence those rates went as high as 5’000 LEV per ETH), as well as only a small portion (25%) of the tokens being available for the public sale at the rate of 3’000 LEV per ETH. Ultimately, as investors of value, this does feel like we’re getting the short end of the stick here, and with the public sale only making up around 40% of total supply, this only adds salt to the wounds. This may go down historically like many other ICO’s, where whales simply dump their bonus supplies on the first day of trading while ICO investors end up paying a higher rate than someone who simply waited to purchase these tokens on the market.

Secondly, and while this was mentioned previously, I need to stress it again – Leverj needs to distance themselves as far away as they can from coinpit. Even though the product does serve as a good MVP, and it does prove that the team is capable of all that they’re promising, the low liquidity and volume means that retail traders will scoff at investing into this kind of project both during and Post-ICO. Liquidity is king for traders, and if your product has low liquidity as its advertisement to investors, it will never inspire the confidence necessary to allow for upwards mobility of the price. Leverj appears to have done a good job of this, as Coinpit is rarely mentioned on their site, but it would put this investor more at ease if they simply took down the service completely and simply re-branded it as the Leverj MVP.


Leverj is a groundbreaking product – their concepts and ideas go above and beyond anything we’ve seen in the space, their team is rock solid, and their MVP is already functional. The hype around this project from their marketing division will also greatly help Leverj in both the short and long term – a focus on onboarding new members should see Leverj getting some massive ground ahead of their competitors, and their tight roadmap objectives mean the full completion of the platform just one year away. Whether it’s in the ICO or a more patient gamble on the exchanges, this is one investment you don’t want to miss out on.

Investment Grade: 90%


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5 thoughts on “Leverj ICO Review – LEV Investment Analysis

  1. Thank you very much for this review. I’ve just discovered your website and your “Negatives” part is finally a no-bullshit analysis that most so-called experts are doing in their investigation.
    Will see if I take part in this ICO before exchanges, but I don’t see much hype around it right now.


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