Universa ICO Review – UTN Investment Analysis


ICO Details

Symbol – UTN


When – October 28th, 2017

How to Participate – ETH will be accepted in the sale.

Soft Cap – None

Hard Cap – 99 Million USD

Total Max Market Cap At ICO – ~140 Million USD (~100 Million Circulating)

Exchange Rate: 1 USD = 100 UTN

Total Tokens in Circulation At ICO – 14 Billion UTN (10 Billion Circulating)



Universa is a scalable, smart contract enabled, production ready blockchain. One of the important things that businesses and firms are looking for as they make the transition to distributed ledger technology is the security of their information and reliability of the networks. Universa streamlines this process by only storing sensitive information where it will actually be relevant (geographically speaking) as well as implementing a separate service to verify transactions and make sure that incoming information and histories are accurate.

Universa is an infrastructural type of project, and as such it means it will serve as the bedrock for any future projects that wish to put their tokens and functionality on pre-existing platforms. Universa particularly, due to their difference in approaching blockchain design, will be an attractive option to such projects that need fast throughputs, instant state changes, and high transactions per second. More on their unqiue approach later.

Rather than explaining the backdrop, I’ll let Universa themselves tell you about how their project came to be and what problem they seek to solve:


Distributed cryptographic ledgers back digital currencies exceeding a cumulative $140 billion in value, at the time of writing. Modern cryptography finally protects over half of all web traffic in the form of HTTP+SSL (invented 1995), according to a Q1 2017 report by the Mozilla Foundation. Mathematically-backed asymmetric encryption is provably safe, freely available, and at long last, widely adopted by the overwhelming majority of digital services that impact and empower day-to-day life for most people alive on Earth today.

Over 40 years of computing advancement history has shown that earliest adopters of technologies tend to be hobbyists, followed by consumers, who are followed by businesses, and finally governments. In this regard, as quickly as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have taken the hobbyists by storm, and are now penetrating consumer wallets, businesses and governments alike are much slower to adapt and adopt.

While some brave investors are already betting their full life savings on these currencies, many businesses still won’t yet take them as payment, and most governments do not even acknowledge their status as “money”.

And thus these two applications are only the beginning of a new age in human communication and cooperation. Blockchains have already begun to disrupt the transmission of monies and the execution of software logic, but the ways they will change business logic and governmental process remain almost completely unexplored.

It is a field wide open, ripe for innovation and the pioneering of new systems that will form the basis of how commerce, business and governance occur at a global scale, shaping societies and human culture in the coming years, decades and far, far beyond. The future is indeed here.



Alexander Borodich

Alexander Borodich is a Russian venture investor, serial entrepreneur, and digital media strategist. Borodich is the former marketing director at Mail.ru Group. Borodich was recognized as “the business angel of year 2016″.




Universa features a rare method of blockchain technology called the Directed Acyclical Graph, which I have personally been a huge fan of since my first impressions of it in use with Byteball. Other projects with similar infrastructures include IOTA (Tangle) and Raiblocks (Block Lattice), which all have proven to create networks with extremely low transaction times, speeds, and throughput.

TX speeds themselves are lightning fast, and will be able to support massive growth and sustained use of the chain. In recent tests, Universa has shown that their technologies can support up to 20’000 transactions per second – almost 3’000 times the speeds and TPS that Bitcoin can support, and many times over Ethereum as well.

The use of a DAG means that states in Smart Contracts can be updated as the code itself executes, meaning the blockchain is amended nearly instantly. The upside to this method of handling state transitions means that there is no longer a need to wait for the blockchain to create a block to update the current state of a Smart Contract – it will be updated instantly, every time.




One of the negatives about Universa is the large amount of money they are seeking to raise with this ICO. While this is one of the bigger infrastructural type of projects (of which most have usually 200 Million Dollar+ valuations) it’s still a bitter pill to swallow when it comes to an investor looking to buy into this project. It means that almost everyone who wants to get into this ICO will have the opportunity to, lowering demand for these tokens on the open market and making it much more costly for the market to move the valuation of this project percentage wise.

The team for Universa itself also feels rather weak – while they do have a great leader in Alexander Borodich, a glance over their team page reveals many young and inexperienced people at senior positions on their team. I question the strength of Universa especially so, because of the difficulty and scale of the project will require perfect attention to detail and will leave no margin for error. Put simply, you don’t want to invest in a project only for it to be hacked or have an exploit a few weeks/months down the line.

Finally, this is a Russian project, which calls in to question several aspects of the project. As far as the country itself, most of their ICO offerings to date have been less than stellar, and it remains to be seen whether Russia is ready to compete with the hyper competitive dedicated teams of other projects. Secondly, Russia is looking to ban cryptocurrencies, in a recent article posted by Coin Telegraph, which puts Universa in a precarious position. NEO and other large Chinese projects suffered huge drawdowns due to their relation in China when the recent wave of bans hit the headlines – Universa could also suffer the same fate.



Universa is the new kid on the proverbial block whose aims include tackling some of the biggest names in cryptocurrency today. The latter half of 2017 has been massively successful for many ICO’s of this type, and is a clear sign that the space is growing. Continued innovations, such as Universa will mean stiff competition from other teams, but outsized returns for the investors that make bets on the winning horse. Several problems come to mind with this ICO and project on a grander scale, however, and an investor looking at this project should proceed with caution. Look to invest, but it may be more beneficial to get a cheaper rate post ICO should prices fail to sustain high valuations.

Investment Grade: 80%


6 thoughts on “Universa ICO Review – UTN Investment Analysis

  1. Agree totally. $200m is ridiculous. Most investors I’ve spoken to usually take some profit from their investment to offset initial outlay. This just ensures gains are minimal in the short/ medium term and appears greddy. The recent Eidoo ico has a similar approach and, it seems, attracted nowhere near their cap.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely – with these ICO’s it can prove more lucrative to hope they fail to meet their goals by a large margin and buying into a much cheaper project near the end of the ICO period.


  2. People underestimate this project. They have signed with Mcafee coin already, working with largest Russian bank (piloting their platform), as well as Emirates. How many tokens have that? Even before ICO? None.

    The most lucrative thing about the valuation and future price is that this project will never get dumped as there were no bonuses, pre-pre sales or whatsoever. 99mln. $ hardcap means nothing for a project with this kind of magnitude.

    Inexperienced team? Look at the CTO and lead Devs.


  3. ICO’s with such large cap are good to buy when it hits the market as price prices continues to go down because of Presale offers. Enigma with solid team and project is selling at lower price compared to its ICO price even-though it raised only $45Mn.


  4. 1. I agree 200 mil is too much even 99mil is too much. They should burn leftovers and give an extra bonus to all their ICO participants.
    2. Their team looks good to me. Look at all those Cryptocurrencies developers and people who are actively participated in this market! They are young and energetic people who are shaping the future.
    3. They should advertise more so that more people will know UTN. Use google and other ICO review companies to make you look attractive.
    4. I like transaction speel. But you should show more varieties of using this coin. You really need to make it universal use.
    5. Be more kind to your customers and take care of your potential customers. I had a brief conversation with one of your worker who pops out in the chat box. He or She was a rude and very irresponsible person.
    6. I see this one has lots of potentials if it is what they say it is. Once people find out about it, they will definitely use this coin


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