Worldcore ICO Review – WRC Investment Analysis

ICO Details

Symbol – WRC


When – Saturday, October 14, 2017

How to Participate – ETH will be accepted in the sale.

Soft Cap – None

Hard Cap – 87 Million USD

Total Max Market Cap At ICO – 100 Million USD

Exchange Rate: 1 WRC = .1 USD

Total Tokens in Circulation At ICO – 1 Billion


Worldcore is a European payment gateway and settlement company located in the Czech Republic. Worldcore began business in 2015 and has partnered up with several well known financial services such as VISA and MasterCard, as well as creating their own mobile app on Google Play/App Store. Worldcore also has a partnership with BitPay.

Worldcore is hosting their own ICO in order to grow their current business, thereby entering the blockchain space and converting their entire business structure to the blockchain. Worldcore’s target audience includes international users who want to avoid the standard lines of money transfer, business to business payments, and users with unique security requirements such as facial and voice recognition programs.

Another prospective direction for development is the
blockchain industry. As of today it is the most rapidly
developing sector that ensures safety, transparency and
effectiveness in financial operations. The biggest banks
in the world choose this way of development to offer more
competitive services. Transformation into blockchain will get
Worldcore to the next level and provide new opportunities to
all of its customers, ensuring better service.



Worldcore’s primary strength is the fact that their business is a pre-existing one- they have proven their profitability, have shown to be a company that excels in their sector (they are winners of the European Fintech Awards) and have unique solutions such as their vocal/facial recognition software that runs on mobile devices. An investment into Worldcore is similar to investing in a “Blue Chip” NYSE stock, in that you will have more certainty of future returns with minimal risk.

A second advantage to Worldcore is their established experience with companies such as BitPay. Comparing Worldcore to other competitors such as Monetha shows that Worldcore simply has more experience in the field (in addition to already having done business with European customers and banks) and a better idea of how to navigate their company in the future.



Worldcore’s ICO terms are insanely overvalued for what they’re providing. A simple payment gateway being merged onto the blockchain does not cost 100 million dollars, and this is one of the biggest ICO’s to date should they hit their target. Does Worldcore really have such a compelling concept to be a 100 million dollar project out of the gate? Even other large projects such as Filecoin, Tezos, and others have this issue, and while Worldcore is smaller than those mentioned, it does cross the territory of “fair” to “greedy”.

Secondly, Worldcore’s crowdfunding goals make very little sense and make an investor question the focus of their company. A glaring example is their Worldcore TV goal. Should the ICO fund  25 Million Dollars, Worldcore is promising a service called Worldcore TV, a digital streaming service discussing Fintech and blockchain developments broadcast by satellite. One has to wonder the actual benefit of this kind of goal, and feels more like a money drain than anything that would return profit to investors. Even when defined as a “marketing” budget, it would likely be much more efficient to directly market the Worldcore product with billboards, ads, etc. than creating an unnecessary TV network.

Finally, it’s difficult to give Worldcore a good review mainly due to the fact that their team is so inexperienced. Searching across their LinkedIn profiles revealed almost no data on any of their team members, and about half of them don’t even list Worldcore as a current place of employment on their biographies. While there is proof that several of these people do work for the company, the social proof is far below average compared to most modern ICO’s.


Worldcore has a relatively weak project idea that doesn’t add much to the blockchain space. As someone who also did not invest in other projects such as Monetha, it feels to me that there are too many projects in the blockchain space attempting to tackle the same issue. Worldcore will not be first to market, their team is almost a nonfactor, and their ICO terms are overzealous at best. Use of ICO funds and their awkward marketing campaign (as an example, their YouTube video linked above) makes this investor balk at giving Worldcore any kind of significance.


Investment Grade: 35%


9 thoughts on “Worldcore ICO Review – WRC Investment Analysis

  1. Crypto-currency windup of the Russian swindler Pavel Krymov Worldcore deceives its investors! The clauses of the road map are not met: 1. Expansion of the marketing budget, sales volume and marketing team to triplicate the growth rate (4th quarter of 2017). 2. Membership in VISA, Mastercard, China Unionpay, SWIFT, SEPA (1st quarter of 2018). 3. Launching of branded and co-branded debit cards for businesses (1st quarter of 2018). Look out! Worldcore is a fraudulent project for collecting money. Do not take token WRC!


  2. Need some information about the creator of Questra World, Five Winds, Lianora Swiss and Worldcore Pavel Krymov. On August 5, the time of his stay iunder arres is expired and he must go to court. If anyone has data on Krymov, report plz. By the way, here is interesting information:


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