Red Pulse ICO Review – RPX Investment Analysis

ICO Details

Symbol – RPX

Whitepaper – Link

Where – The ICO will take place on

When – September 10, 2017

How to Participate – RPX tokens will be sold in NEO, requiring users to contribute NEO as opposed to BTC.

Soft Cap – 15 Million USD

Hard Cap – 15 Million USD

Total Market Cap At ICO – 37 Million USD including company RPX allocation

Exchange Rate: 1’000 RPX Tokens per NEO

Total Tokens in Circulation At ICO – (15,000,000 / (USD/NEO rate)) * 1’000

(At current NEO price of 34.18, this would mean a circulation of 438MM RPX)

In today’s information age, there is no shortage of market data and financial research. Yet, due to historically entrenched market dynamics, the economics of financial research production and distribution are dominated by only a few gatekeepers.

This prevents independent analysts from having a voice, while research consumers are forced to accept whatever coverage is already available. What market participants truly need is context – providing relevance in addition to scale.

Red Pulse intends to employ the $RPX cryptocurrency as a mechanism to fairly and directly incentivize research producers for their works, while providing research consumers with a mechanism to guide research coverage and provide fair compensation.

Red Pulse is a pre-existing China-based company that provides its clients with real-time market analysis, verified data, and news aggregation in the financial/investment sectors. Red Pulse’s current clients include investment banks, asset managers, retail investors, and others. The RPX token and ICO is a bold attempt at creating a more robust digital research platform, built for a wider variety of data aggregation and analysis than is currently possible. A semi-decentralized form of review by financial experts will be rewarded on this new system in the form of the RPX token. Holders will be incentivized to keep their tokens as the emerging markets in China attract more financial attention, while researchers and consumers of data will be rewarded with RPX tokens for their work, or by real actionable data curated by the Red Pulse platform.

Red Pulse will use quality scores and popularity systems, including a voting system similar to Steemit in order to further enforce that good research is done, as well as implementing a Natural Language Processing software that will be used to combat things such as plagiarism, double posting, and untrue data.

This is the first of its kind in the world, and set in an emerging market such as China, Red Pulse is in perfect position to take advantage of all of the great features that decentralization has to offer along with their own decades of combined experience that Red Pulse can leverage towards success.

In contrast to more established financial markets such as the US and Europe, where institutional investors make up more than 90% of participants by trading activity.

China’s stock market activity is dominated by individual investors, representing an estimated 80% of all trading activity.

Although investors are very quickly becoming adept at developing their own investment strategies and views, most investors are newcomers to the market and have only a few years of experience, given how nascent China’s capital markets are, and the relative short period of time that individual investors have been given access.


Red Pulse was founded by Jonathan Ha, Stanley Chao, and Peter Alexander. Combined, these three have worked for such companies as LG, IBM, Dell, and Nationwide. They all have over 10 years of experience in their respective fields, and can be easily be seen as an all-star team of managers for this new project.

The Red Pulse platform has already been running since 2015, which is a big plus to early investors looking for Minimum Viable Products. A concise roadmap is stated in the Red Pulse whitepaper, neither promising the world nor selling their platform short – Red Pulse is an extremely pragmatic project, being both realistic and ambitious in their goals.

The ICO sale will also be limited to just 15 million dollars, which is absolutely a major plus for investors. This means that tokens will be relatively rare, with less holders and more profits to be made.



The biggest challenge that Red Pulse as a platform will face is getting consumers and researchers onto their platform – similar to starting a new social network web site, you require a vast amount of initial “seed” members to get the platform going. Red Pulse has taken steps to mitigate this issue, however, as investors of the RPX platform will be the same demographic that would be interested in their product (providing a double dip essentially in terms of advertising) as well as their current users of the Red Pulse service who will migrate to the new system.

Red Pulse is a project that will likely not require any real form of marketing, as the benefits of this kind of platform (should it be successful) will bring in masses of people by itself.


Red Pulse is my favorite project of the year, and one of the top ICO’s to be investing in for 2017 and beyond. Don’t miss out on this amazing project that simply ticks all of the check-boxes for an extremely lucrative investment.

Investment Grade: 95%


3 thoughts on “Red Pulse ICO Review – RPX Investment Analysis

  1. “Red Pulse has taken steps to mitigate this issue, however, as investors of the RPX platform will be the same demographic that would be interested in their product…”

    Can’t say I agree. Investors will be just that — those chasing profits.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would agree with this, but I think since Red Pulse has had very little marketing in North America that most investors will be Chinese – considering that 80% of Chinese investors are retail investors, that means they would likely have some use for this platform.


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